Henoch Otero


Henoch "Tito" Otero is the Founder of Progressive Krav Maga (PKM) in New York City.

Otero established PKM in 2013 after serving 21 years in the NYPD. Otero retired as a Detective Specialist in the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit (SWAT).

As a member of the NYPD's most elite and highly trained unit, Otero apprehended violent criminals, extracted survivors from car accidents, and performed high angle rescues. He conducted crisis and hostage negotiations and executed tactical security operations daily. 

Prior to the Emergency Services Unit, Otero was the Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor for the NYPD Tactical Training Unit. He developed an innovative curriculum for the undercover narcotics division. This program is still being taught today. 

Otero has more than three decades of martial arts and self defense training in boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga.

Otero trained with Rhon Mizrachi, the longest tenured practitioner of Krav Maga outside of Israel. Otero earned the title of Lead Law Enforcement Instructor while training with Londale Theus of Worldwide Krav Maga. Currently, Otero is ranked Expert in Krav Maga Global, led by Eyal Yanilov. 

While Otero thrived off of conquering New York City's most dire threats, he never lost his love for teaching. Otero has continued to pursue this passion at Progressive Krav Maga. He uses high pressure simulations and reality-based training in a controlled environment to help students learn to survive dangerous situations.